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Transfer Your Pension Overseas And Enjoy 30% Now

Self Employed Pension Transfers Ireland

Take 30% of your pension in cash from age 55. Balance to be self-directed with you in control.

Occupational Pension Transfers

Bring a little certainty to your life – access 30% of your pension now. Aged 50 deferred members of occupational schemes.

Non Irish Expats / Irish Overseas

Move your pension to where you live now, save money on Irish Government fees and charges.

UK Expats / Returned Irish

Claim up to 30% of your pension in cash from age 55, and avoid UK Government tax.

Take control of your pension and enjoy 30% drawdown today.

Self Employed Pension

If you have a Personal Pension or Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA), you can access up to 30% now.

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Occupational Pension

Deferred members of occupational pension schemes are eligible to withdraw 30% in cash by transferring the pension overseas. Also realises benefits for estate planning.

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Returned Expats / Irish Overseas

If you have worked Ireland for more than ten years, and then relocated to another country, you transfer your pension to your new location. Avoid unnecessary Irish government charges.

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UK Expats & Returned Irish

If you have a pension in the UK, you can transfer it back to Ireland and avoid excessive UK government charges. Also ensures that all funds pass to your estate and next of kin.

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UK Pension Freedoms. Did they all buy Lamborghini’s?!!

UK Pension Freedom. Did they all buy Lamborghini’s?!! When George Osborne introduced the “pension freedom rules“in April 2015 his pensions Minister at the time Steve Webb fuelled the freedoms debate by suggesting that “people could use the money to buy a Lamborghini if they wished“ Since that time both the politicians have departed, with their […]

Brexit one year on

Brexit one year on  An excellent article by Tjibbe Hoekstra in Portfolio Adviser on 23rd June 2017 outlines that it has been exactly a year since the UK electorate voted for Brexit and made what one British fund manager recently termed, “a huge strategic error of the like the country hasn’t experienced in maybe a […]