Are You Facing Uncertainty In Your Future As An Ex-employee Of AIB?


If You’re Leaving AIB, And You Are Looking For Security, We Can Help

International Pensions Transfer Consultants can give you financial security with 30% of your pension as a lump sum.

So you’re about to leave, or have already left, AIB? Did you know that you may be able to transfer your pension to Malta (an EU member since 2004) and take as much as 30% of your fund as a tax efficient lump sum?

You have some big decisions to make now that your bank career is ending – pay off your mortgage, start a new business, finish off your children’s education. Your pension fund lump sum could help with all three of these and International Pension Transfer Consultants Ltd is best placed to unlock that valuable asset.

What’s The Answer?

There are several reasons why our clients have chosen to transfer their pensions to Malta:

  • Malta is a full member of the European Union,
  • It has legislation written in English,
  • It is English speaking,
  • It has a very robust Regulatory System – you can be assured it is the best, legitimate, safe haven for your pension funds!

Moving your pension funds to a highly regulated, segregated account in Malta also means you don’t have to purchase an annuity immediately.

The income from annuities is currently at an all-time low – a very bad time to have to buy one. The balance of your funds is safely and securely managed in whatever manner you choose.

The Irish High Court has confirmed the legality of International Pension Transfers

A recent Irish High Court case, O’Sullivan Vs Canada Life found that an Irish resident was legally entitled to transfer his Irish Pension to a Trustee-Manager in Malta.

It Is Time To Plan What You Want To Do With Your Pension Fund Money!

Now is the time to consider your options. You can get the most out of your pension fund money with the right investments. Transferring that money abroad could be the best option for you.

Every case is different, every need is unique.

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