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Meet Bill

over-50-pension-releaseBill is a 55 year old architect from Cork who had a Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) valued at €99,000 with an Irish Pension Provider. He came to us because he was frustrated with his current pension provider and retirement options. Bill also had an outstanding Revenue tax liability.

We helped Bill to transfer his pension to a Maltese Pension Scheme with an international trustee. He now has greater investment choice along with more flexible retirement options including a 30% tax free lump sum from age 50.

Bill withdrew his 30% lump sum (€29,700) from his Maltese Pension fund and placed the balance of his pension fund with an international fund manager where it continues to grow – tax free – until he decides to drawdown the funds. Bill will be able to draw an income of roughly 6% of the pension fund as a taxable income.

“My career has always been about making the right decisions, this is one I’m particularly happy with. The team at International Pension Transfer Consultants Limited really helped to simplify the process and kept me informed along the way.”

We can get 30% out of your pension fund within 5-6 weeks.

You’ve spent your life working out things for yourself, but let us show you something new. If you have a Personal Pension or Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) there are ways to take more control and and access some of that hard-earned cash now. International Pension Transfer Consultants Limited are here to handle this for you.

What type of pension do you have?

An international pension transfer gives you more control over how your pension is invested, as well as more cash flow.

  • By entrusting us with this process, International Pension Transfer Consultants will help you choose a trustee to administer the pension transfer. We will look after everything on your behalf – from choosing the right trustee for your pension size, to looking after all the back office administration.
  • From then on, how the remaining 70% is invested is in your hands. You can organise your pension like your business, with total control. Or we can introduce you to our sister company, Mulholland Life & Pensions Limited – a pension fund management company established in 1970s that has managed pensions and investments for thousands of Irish people since its inception. The choice will be yours, but you’ll be used to making good business decisions.
  • Our fees for processing the pension transfer are fixed on a case-by-case basis. You can be sure they are very competitive, with a very high level of service.
  • You will be updated regularly in relation to the process and the International Pension Transfer team will ensure that both the Overseas Pension application and the Irish Pension transfer are processed promptly and efficiently.
  • You get to enjoy 30% of your pension now, with the residual coming in the next 10-15 years. Isn’t it time to relax and start treating yourself?

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