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 Meet Chris

irish overseasChris is a 44 year old engineer who is originally from Dundee,   Scotland. Having married an Australian,

he has permanently   relocated to Australia. Chris had a UK Self Invested Personal Pension with a value of roughly £84,000 (which is just under a contribution cap).

Chris was automatically enrolled in a Superannuation Scheme through his employer which was classed as a Qualified Recognised Overseas Pensions Scheme.

Chris decided to take advice from a company who specialise in this area. We explained to Chris that by working together we could help him to make a fully informed decision as well as ensure that he did not fall into any UK or Australian tax traps.

Chris transferred his SIPP to his Australian Super within the tax free period and is happy in the knowledge that he will not get hit with unknown taxes when he gets closer to retirement as well as knowing that his pension will not be at the mercy of any currency swings.

Did you work in the UK during the 1980s, 1990s or 2000s?

Chances are you built up a decent UK expat pension during that time. How much do you know about your rights in relation to this fund?

Enjoy up to 30% of your pension now.

Request a Free UK Expat Pension Consultation today with one of our UK Expat Pension Transfer Specialists and discover more flexible retirement options for your UK expat pension fund.

  • Access up to 30% of your UK pension fund as a Tax Free Lump Sum from as early as age 55
  • Protect your retirement funds against the 2015 UK Government Pension reforms
  • Avoid UK Inheritance Tax – ensure you pass your pension fund at death to your beneficiaries, free of UK tax.

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